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Consultant: Adauto Camargo

e-Mail: adauto.camargo@lingocentre.com

Language: English, Portuguese, French, German

Telegram: t.me/Die_Nadel

What is this page for?

This is your page; it is for everything related to your classes, such as:

  • Live sessions
  • Material usage for:
    • homework
    • planning
    • resources
  • Contact and support info


How do I take notes in class?

In an activity, you may see a text box, like the image below.

It’s there to help you take notes and organize the way you go about with the activity.

Notes are not saved ! Once you leave the page, all of your notes are gone.


What do I need to enter a live session?
    • Just a web browser, a webcam, and a microphone
    • It should work in any operating system and web browser
    • There is no need for an account nor a password. Everything should work out-of-the-box


Do I need anything else for the classes?

No. Everything that you need is right here on this all-in-one page.
Should you wish something else, down below you have the Support tab [in the resources section] to contact us and share your ideas, suggestions, and opinions.

What’s the purpose of the Calendar in Resources and how do I use it?

The Calendar can help you organize your agenda and also it keeps the history of previous classes and the ones which were invoiced.
To use it simply login into the cloud using your cloud login credentials, the same ones you used before. You only need to login once. After a sucessful login, refresh this page and your calendar will appear.
Here is the login URL: https://www.lingocentre.com/nextcloud/index.php/apps/calendar/dayGridMonth/now

You started on:

Duration: Permanent

Frequency: Twice a week

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30 pm

Class duration: 90 minutes

Telegram Group: L240 – Orlando Calixto

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Listening and Vocab

[Eng] Music 007: Listening and Vocab

Listen to a song, fill in the blanks, crossword puzzle, dictation

[ The Strangers – Skin Deep ]



[Eng] Dictation BV001.5

Play the audio and write down what you hear.

[ soon ]



  • Play the word
  • Listen carefully
  • Record yourself
  • Listen to your recording
    • If you are happy with the result, play the next word
    • If you are not happy with the result, repeat the process until you are satisied with the result
  • Go to the next word following the same steps

[PRN#002][pain | main | wane | cane]

WORD 1 [ ˈpān ]

WORD 2 [ ˈmān ]

WORD 3 [ ˈwān ]

WORD 4 [ ˈkān ]



  • pain (noun)
    • a localized or generalized unpleasant bodily sensation or complex of sensations that causes mild to severe physical discomfort and emotional distress and typically results from bodily disorder (such as injury or disease)
  • main (adjective)
    • chief, principal
  • wane (verb)
    • to decrease in size, extent, or degree
  • cane (noun)
    • a hollow or pithy, usually slender, and often flexible jointed stem (as of a reed or bamboo)



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Talk (secondary  live system)



Note: The following books are to be used as simple guides, not as main class resources. When books are used as class resrources, they must be bought by the student or provided by the school


English Grammar in Use (Intermediate) (2003)



Section still in development


Section still in development


Section still in development

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