[Eng] Music 007: Listening and Vocab

Play | Crossword | Dictation

Listening and Vocab

Your mission here is to play a song, fill in the blanks, play a crossword puzzle, and do some dictation.

Take your time as there is no time limit.

After this activity, you will have learned:

  • 12 new words
  • practice your listening twice: with a song and dictation
  • practice your writing skills


Play and Listen – Practice Your Listening Skills

  1. Play the song once. Just listen so you can get acquainted with the sounds and enjoy the melody
  2. Play a second time. filling the blanks as you listen
  3. You may use the key on your keyboard to move from one blank to another, or your mouse, or you may simply touch the respective blank if you are using a mobile device
  4. Once you are done, click on the check button
  5. The system will give you a score and show the ones you got right and wrong

Crossword – Expland Your Vocabulary

  1. The puzzle utilizes the words from the blanks, all of them
  2. You have to type letter by letter
  3. You may navigate the direction you want using the arrows on your keyboard
  4. The <enter> key can also be used to move to the next letter
  5. You can type you answers on the grid, or directly on the cues on the right
  6. As before, click on <Check> to verify your answers

Dictation – Listen And Write

  1. Click on the play button
  2. Write what you hear
  3. You can play as many times as you can
  4. Once you complete all the four sentences, click on the button to verify your answers

1 – Play, Listen, Fill in the blanks

2 – Crossword

3 – Dictation


  • Contact your teacher if you have any doubts.
  • Also, it is good to practice what you have learned here in your next class.
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